Beas Kund Trek Package and itinerary!

Beas Kund Trek Package and itinerary!


It’s believed that Rishi Vyas used to take his diurnal bath in the pristine water of this lake that’s perched at an altitude of measures in the stage ofMt. Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters. Snaking and passing through the Solang vale the trail to Beas Kund offers an invigorating experience and the trip is filled with several surprises at each turn. The Beas Kund Trek, which is considered as one of the easiest journeys in the Himachal Himalayan region is also a short journey of three days from the popular hill station of Manali that’s put away at a height of measures.

 Beas Kund has always been a notorious journey around Manali. After all, it takes you right to the source of the swash that flows through the city.( You might have followed the veritably same swash upstream while getting into Manali!)  

 But one of the reasons pedestrians love this journey is the setting. Picture this Lush green champaigns flourish below the summits of the three biggest mountains around Manali. And hidden in these campaigns is the emerald lake out of which the swash Beas emerges.

Why is it loved so much?

 The differing sight of this serene water body nestled in between jagged mountain peaks of the Pir Panjal range adds to the beauty of his setting.

 Standing then, there’s also a keen sense of being near the source of the raging swash you see in the vale below. This emerald kund branches off into aqueducts, tumbling right until it converges into the boiling Beas swash.  

 The Beas Kund Trek commences from Manali and leads to Dhundi at measures via Solang Nallah. The trail faces a gradual rise from Solang Nallah and it takes roughly 5 – 6 hours. The route from Dhundi winds overhead to Bakarthach, which is at an elevation of measures and leads to Beas Kund after a gradual rise over the moraine.

 Beas Kund Trekking Tour Highlights:

 The trail offers several stirring spots that are ideal for nature photography

 An occasion to skulk- peep at the simple yet fascinating life of the occupants of graphic townlets similar as Goshal, Sannag and Burua boarding under the open sky and amidst the scenic geography

 Stylish Time to Visit Beas Kund Trek:

 The stylish time for Beas Kund Trek is betweenMid-May andMid-October. The rainfall remains relatively restorative making the journey easy and of course thrilling.

 Where is Beas Kund Trek located?

 Himachal Pradesh.

 Quick Itinerary:

 DAY 1:

 Drive from Manali to Dhundi. Trek from Dhundi to Panchgani Thatch. Drive Distance 14 km| Drive Duration1.5 hours| Cost Rs per vehicle to be participated by pedestrians.

 Trek Distance 1.5 km| Trek Duration 1 hour

 Altitude Gain ft to ft  

 Leave from Rambagh Circle, Manali at10.00 am.( Stylish way to reach Manali Fly to Chandigarh. Take a machine from Chandigarh to Manali) En route, drop off your bathroom bag and collect your settlements. You reach your first campground by2.30 pm and have lunch there.

 DAY 2:

 Pachhani Thatch to Lohali. Trek distance 4 km| Trek Duration 4- 5 hours.

 Altitude gain ft to ft  

 Moderate to steep ascent throughout the journey.

 DAY 3:

 Mohali to Beas Kund and Lady Leg. Trek to Bakarthatch/ Lohali. Trek distance 5 km| Trek Duration 7- 8 hours  

 Altitude gain ft to ft and back  

 DAY 4:

 Bakarthatch/ Lohali to Dhundi. Drive back to Manali. Trek distance 4 km| Trek Duration 5- 6 hours

  Altitude loss ft to ft  

 Easy. substantially descending. Drive back cost Rs per vehicle to be participated by pedestrians

  You’ll be back in Manali by 1 pm.

 Bespeak a return flight/ train ticket from Chandigarh or Delhi. Don’t bespeak aeroplane

 tickets to your birthplace from Delhi on Day 4.


  Please note that you’ll be staying in canopies on all days of the journey.  Pedestrians must carry a dupe of their print ID for entry at timber check posts on the journey.  

 Please note Binary sharing canopies may not be available in May, June, July and August. This is because raw accoutrements for making canopies are sourced from different countries. But their import has been affected due to transnational uneasiness. This has led to a global deficit of canopies. Having said that, you will still have comfortable space as these canopies have been designed to accommodate three pedestrians.

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