Best Web Hosting for Web Designers

Best Web Hosting

Best Web Hosting: Web designers are always looking for the best web hosting with so many services out there. Choosing the most suitable type and the best value for money can be tricky. One’s hosting needs become more complex when their online business grows.

In the past, free or cheap hosting plans may have worked for you. Now, your site is growing, and you’re getting more traffic. It’s getting sluggish, and it is time to update your web server. We reviewed different options for web and graphic designers.

Cloud-Based Web Hosting

This is a relatively recent hosting technology, with which a large number of servers work together.

As the needs for capacity increase, the hosting company can create an even bigger cloud or grid by adding more hardware.

Obviously, one benefit of this type of hosting would be that the plan can accommodate traffic surges. You won’t need to shut your site down.

Many designers choose to upgrade from shared to cloud-based hosting for this reason. In terms of the cost, all these hosting packages are based on the principle of paying for what you use.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Users of dedicated servers rent a single physical server from their provider, which they control. Other sites slowing your site down is not an issue, unlike with shared hosting. In other words, a whole server is used for your site. This is also different from VPS hosting. Like shared, VPS involves storing multiple sites on your computer.

WordPress’ popularity as a web builder is undisputed. The longest uptime and most reliable service is provided by dedicated WordPress hosting. This is critical for high-traffic sites because the resources these require usually go beyond the capacity of a shared server. What’s more, dedicated hosting offers the highest level of security. You know how to protect your content because you know exactly how your server is set up. Your site isn’t exposed to unavoidable risks, possibly from other sites, as it would be with a shared server.

Correspondingly, the price of a dedicated server is much higher than of a shared one, a minimum of $100 a year. This shouldn’t deter you as your business will soon reach a stage in its development where the cost won’t be an issue. If you don’t know anyone who’s tech-savvy and would help you, consider hiring a system administrator.

Shared Hosting

The shared cost is pretty much the only advantage of this type of hosting. Sometimes, it’s as low as $5 a month. That’s not surprising, considering you’re sharing a server with thousands of other websites. This server is split between all the users, usually with no or very few options to configure. In contrast to dedicated hosting, you don’t have full access to the server’s resources.

With shared hosting, you’re always dependent on the other sites on the server. If you’re sharing it with a very high-volume traffic one, this might affect your performance negatively. If yours is the most popular site on the server, you have every benefit to avail of.

Web designers and anyone else launching an online business typically start with shared hosting. They’re not getting much traffic at first and can’t afford to spend much on hosting.

Reseller Hosting

This hosting type comes with a great deal of technical control.

Basically, this is a shared account with additional tools enabling users to resell space.

These tools include billing software to help the user issue customers invoices. Extras include private name servers, technical support, and free website templates.

These are not to be overlooked because the hosting company will handle all the support inquiries from your clients. Depending on resource limits and features, reseller packages cost up to $50 a month.

Managed WordPress Hosting

A lot of hosting servers have this type of hosting for the popular web building platform. The provider makes sure your WordPress installation is current, safeguarding your site from hackers.

It’s a bit more expensive than shared hosting, but it’s a feasible option for established businesses and startups, especially those who are in WordPress for the long haul.

We hope this article has been useful and wish you lots of luck in your initiative. Yet, luck is only part of it; the right hosting can prove pivotal to a web designer’s success, and often does.

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