How to start a blog website. How can I increase blog traffic?

Everyone today wants to have their websites. Whether they are passionate about creative writing or sharing their thoughts and ideas with others or selling a product online a blog creates an impression of something knowledgeable and engaging which ultimately builds website traffic to a high extent.

Starting a blog is not rocket science and even you can easily make your website through word press. You just require some basic things to begin. For example, it can be a Brand Name for your blog that you want people would call it.

Moreover, having only a blogging site will not work at all you need some potential viewers to read it and so you need to ensure you get the right amount of traffic that people could know about your workings.

In this blog, we will not only know about how to start a blog but also, we will discuss some major points to increase your blogging site traffic. Let’s start: –

Purchase a Domain Name

You must have various types of topics to show to your audience but the main thing is not about the topics if you do not have an attractive name by which people can visit your doorstep.

Purchase an attractive domain name for your site relating to your blog. A domain name is a web address it helps the user to visit your site and it can be also termed as a name for a website.

Choosing them rightly is highly essential to target the correct audience. A domain name should be easy to read and type.

Get a Reliable Hosting Platform  

For owing a blogging website you must have a platform where you can host your website and make it live on the internet.

A hosting service is provided by a hosting provider where you rent a particular space to store the website data and other important applications so that they are assessable when demanded by a customer on the internet.

Install WordPress

A WordPress software application helps you to create and develop your website to be more presentable. A non-attracting website and result in lower traffic and will affect your blog to no returns at all.

By using WordPress, you can manage your website content easily and create it in an eye-pleasing manner.

Get an attractive Theme 

Once you are done with the hosting and creation of a website you should have an attractive theme for it. We recommend you pick a simple theme rather than going to the flamboyant theme.

This will make your website content more readable and easier to understand. Select a responsive theme that will not hamper its working look after the fonts and color you use on your website.

And after completing all the trials of testing the theme you can make it available for your website.

Keep an eye on website statistics

After doing all the major steps of owning a blog the next thing that comes is to know how well your website is performing in the world of the internet. Statistics help in delivering the right type of content to your audience.

This is the best way to know your audience by which you can easily make your blogs better than before. The best tool for getting the right analysis and statistics is Google Analytics; it helps in driving the traffic for your website.

How can I increase blog traffic?

The richness of your Content 

The richness of your content matters a lot if you own a blogging website. Using the appropriate types of words that are easy to understand and are short benefits your website readers and gains traffic. In short, provide high-quality content to your audience which engages them well and satisfies what they need.

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO improves the quality of website traffic from organic results. Everyone uses search engines like Google to go for a specific product or service.

If your website ranks well in the most popular search engines by applying perfect digital marketing strategies there are higher chances that you can get a higher amount of traffic.

By including things like keyword research, URL customization, tags, images, well-written Meta description, and Meta title headings and more can help your website to get high popularity over the internet.


Links can get you most of the traffic for your website. By using internal links, you can make your visitors stay longer on your website.

You can link other related blogs to your website. A website having a decent number of links can rank well on the search engine due to its engagement. Moreover, Google looks out for various internal and external links and helps them to rank well.

So, mention internal links in your content or blogs. On the other hand, backlinks are the smart way to look for getting high traffic. Google checks for trustable and reputable websites having the right backlinks.


Nothing comes for free you need to invest a fee to get something. Advertisements are the most common ways to get high traffic on your website.

Most new websites struggle to get the traffic for their website on search engines by implementing an advertisement most popularly Google ads which work on the principle of pay per click benefits your website to let your brand speak about you to a greater number of audiences.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Everyone uses social media to connect with their near and dear ones. Moreover, it’s a great way to connect with potential buyers and visitors.

By using social media, you can promote your products and services to the maximum audience by filtering your target audience based on a geographical and demographical basis.


In conclusion, starting a blog can be exciting and requires a lot of effort. If you are planning to start your blog this is the right time to begin as you are now aware of everything which is needed by you.

However, having a blogging website is not enough you have to make sure that you get the right amount of traffic to it. Planning and implementing traffic-getting strategies like SEO, SSM, and unique content can help you to gain high traffic.

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