Top 5 Companies to Hire Remote Developers For Your Team

Since remote work has become the new norm, people have been very pulled towards the idea of hiring remote workers as well. And it is convenient too. It saves you time and gives you a chance to find better talent. Also, it terminates the geographical boundaries, giving you way more options to explore.

Hiring online not only saves you time but also saves you a lot of money. All you need to do is invest some bucks on online ads, and that’s it. The ads will attract and encourage people to apply for the positions. You can further screen the ones you deem most worthy and interview them. However, if you aren’t so sure of putting up ads yourself, you can always take help from a third party. There are numerous platforms that help other companies hire the best software engineers and developers. Therefore, if you are looking to hire remote developers team or just an individual, read this article till the end and choose the platform that you deem best for your company.


Clutch has a directory containing more than 7000 companies that work in different IT-related fields. Moreover, unlike other platforms, clutch publishes authentic client reviews and feedback. Furthermore, they ease the client’s difficulties by contacting them themselves, and instead of just giving options or suggestions, clutch provides their clients with an overall picture. In addition to that, they make the suggestions based on several points collectively, such as the quality of work delivered, the provider’s overall services, and their market presence in the segments. has recently been gaining a lot of popularity for its unique and quick services. They provide clients with the top one perfect of vetter software engineers guaranteed. Gaper only takes as long as 48 hours to find you your desired software engineer. Moreover, if you don’t not like the performance of the engineer provided to you, you can ask for another one and won’t be charged a single penny. However, your claim or complaint needs to be made within two weeks’ time. 

Furthermore, gaper has been a completely remote company since day one of its existence. Therefore, they have had the upper hand in the remote world as compared to others. And they know how to work and function better remotely. In addition to that, if you wish to work for gaper, you can check out their page for openings. Do the same if you wish to hire from them


Upwork is popular among millions of users. It has thousands of talented freelancers registered, which makes it very easy for startups to hire software developers and engineers. In order to hire a remote developer, you either have to post a job ad on Upwork or put in your requirements in their search database and let the developers find you. Upwork is extremely user-friendly, which is why it is so loved by both the users and clients. Moreover, Upwork processes all the payments itself to protect both parties. 

Furthermore, your job ads can be as detailed as you want them to be. For example, you can mention the type of developer you need, communication skills in a certain language, and a success rate of over 90%; you’ll get thousands of results.


Freelancer is a platform totally dedicated to freelancers, as the name suggests. You will find people with various talents available as freelancers. However, when it comes to software developers and engineers, freelancer’s database is limited as compared to that of gaper’s in terms of expertise. It is still very popular among people, nonetheless. Clients can post job ads and consider the best bidders from the ad.


remoteOk is totally dedicated towards granting people the right of living as a “digital Nomad.” They believe in working and earning from anywhere in the world. If you’re looking to hire, you need to post a job with all the requirements and wait for developers to apply. However, RemoteOk charges a fee of $299 for a 90-day job posting. however, it gives you access to a million remote professionals.


Remote hiring and remote working is an easier option than working and hiring in person. Not only does it save you a lot of money, but it also saves you time. Moreover, Remote works have accelerated from being nice to having to become the need of the hour.

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