What Mistakes Should You Avoid Once Designing A Website?

Every company spends a good amount of money to design and keep developing a website as it is the most important source to let customers know about your company. A flawless and well-designed website can bring huge profits to the company.

Similarly, a small mistake can drown the company as well. So avoiding mistakes while designing a website is very important. Get website design services if necessary to have better guidance and a fruitful result.

Below are some common mistakes people usually make.

  • Wrong Navigation Strategy

Many designers and businesspersons avoid sitemaps and wireframes which leads to poor configuration of navigation of your website. Wrong navigation makes visitors reluctant as they will not be able to find what they came for. Choose good menus and layouts and divide them into categories if you have many pages or you can place important pages at the top. Make sure your website is navigated from various devices like mobile or tab and you can compare them using a responsive checker tool.

  • Website loading slowly

You cannot avoid the fact that besides looking good, usability is a part of website designing. Speed of loading the website is a very important factor.  Many visitors cannot even enter the website because of the slow-loading quality. So wisely use your budget to not remain unnoticed with your super work. You can compress the CSS and JavaScript files and you also can optimise images to decrease the time of loading the site.

  • Overcomplicating design

Otter designers overcomplicate designing by inputting so many fonts, colours and images. Also, they use different palates and variations on different pages. This makes visitors unwilling and confused. Rather keep it simple and use the same fonts and colours on every page and don’t change your website design abruptly so that visitors don’t find it familiar. This keeps the authentication and identity of the website. You can also use template fonts and designs, made by professionals.

  • Framing the content

After designs, content is the next important thing that comes in website designing. Gathering irrelevant content like words, information and images, makes the website monotonous. Customers will not check out every single detail you provide. You should focus on eliminating things rather than funding more information to add. You can highlight the main information on the main page. Keeping a white area in between important attractions is good for increasing readability. Firstly decide the purpose of the website and then create so that your messages get conveyed to the customer clearly.

  • Weak SEO

Suppose you have made a perfect website but it is of no use if customers can’t reach there. Where they search on the internet about a topic, your website must be scanned if you contain the information. So for this, you need to activate SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) which previously contained many keywords where today it contains long-tail keywords. This way SEO works which is the key factor to grab customers’ presence on your website.

  • Wrong Calls to Action

Calls to Action or CTA is the purpose for which you have created your website. CTA should be single for a website. Too many calls of action in a particular website confuses customers and eventually lets your website abandon. Because they might not come to learn the bunch of information you have provided. Other issues are not highlighting and giving space to CTA. Either the CTA gets hidden somewhere in between the content or found at the ending or not mentioned properly. Thus confusion arises. So choose one CTA for your website and use it properly.

  • Add more pages

Adding pages after pages is less preferable over scrolling in a single page. Many websites attach pages sequentially. But it may break the continuity of the reading and there is a possibility that the customer leaves the website after reading a few pages. Another disadvantage is it takes extra time to load each page that can make visitors impatient. Rather add attractive images at the top and keep infinite scrolling features on one page. It requires single time loading and customers don’t lose interest in reading about the topic and it’s best for mobile users.

  • Uses of background audio video

Firstly don’t use extra audio and videos unnecessarily thinking that they attract people. Surely they do but those should be relevant to the topic otherwise the customer leaves the website. It also increases the loading time of the website. But you can compress the size of those audios and videos. Besides being informative these shouldn’t contain monotonous content. While keeping videos and audio, you should keep the play and pause button to get controlled by the customer according to their convenience.

  • Absence of option to share

There will be no profit if your efforts in making a website don’t reach more people. If you find the information useful and share it with others, you need a share option on the website. For every website, it’s mandatory to have a share option. Because visitors can only click on the sharing option rather than copying and pasting texts to someone.

  • Not updating design

You need not suddenly change or update the whole website, but keep incorporating necessary things in a few months. Ignoring modern developments leads to taking the risk that your website can remain less preferable as people will like new designs of websites currently available. Also, you’ll be criticized by technical professionals for not being up to date. You can also sign up for tech newsletters and blogs to keep yourself updated.

  • Mistake while choosing a logo

A logo is the most important thing people notice first. If your company has a well-designed logo it conveys the message first about your company. So make the logo sophisticated and proper on which your company will be recognised for the purpose. Make the logo printed on all products of your company and make the rubber stamp using the logo and apply it everywhere.

Final Thought

As now you have learnt that what are the basic mistakes website designers may do and how to avoid them you can develop a good website designing. Website is a very crucial tool for a company to attract more clients and you have to make it attractive. Remember a small mistake can cause customers’ numbers to drop drastically. Get website design services if you feel you can design the website with an expert touch.

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